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1x Lokse
1x Bramborove knedliky / Potato dumplings
1x Houskove knedliky / Bread dumplings
1x Halusky
3x Znojemska - sauce
3x Koprova - sauce
3x Svickova - sauce
3x Zaklad na gulas - sauce
3x Hribkova - sauce
3x Syrova - sauce
3x Smetanove brambory - sauce

1x Tradicni Ceske buchty / Czech buns
1x Dukatove buchticky - Buns 
3x Krem na dukatove buchticky - Cream on ducat buns
3x Pudink Vanilka - Pudding
3x Pudink Cokolada - Pudding

Total weight approximately 3.7 kg

We deliver within 3-5 days

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