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1x Tradicni ceske buchty / Traditional Czech buns
1x Dukatove buchticky / Dukat buns
1x Kase misky krupicky / Porridge
1x Tradicni pernik /  Traditional gingerbread
1x Krtkuv dort / Mole cake
1x Lokse
3x Pudink vanilka - Pudding
3x Pudink cokolada- Pudding
3x Krem na dukatove buchticky / Cream on ducat buns
3x Pernikove koreni / Gingerbread seasoning
5x Cukr skorice / Cinnamon sugar
5x Cukr vanilka / Vanilla Sugar
5x Kyprici prasek do peciva / Baking powder
3x Susene drozdi / Dry Yeast
1x Svestkova povidla / Plum jam
1x Skubanky

Total weight approximately 4.1 kg

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