Czech sauces and dumplings set / Sada ceskych omacek a knedliku

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Czech sauces and dumplings set / Sada ceskych omacek a knedliku
Original Czech Food
Dive into the authentic flavors of Czech cuisine with this carefully curated set of sauces and dumplings. Perfect for anyone looking to explore traditional Czech dishes, this set brings together the most popular and best-loved products straight to your kitchen. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or simply want to enjoy a comforting meal, this assortment has everything you need to create delicious and hearty Czech meals.


1x Lokse (temporarily replaced by potato pancakes): Enjoy these savory pancakes as a versatile side or main dish.
1x Bramborove knedliky / Potato dumplings: Classic Czech dumplings made from potatoes, perfect for soaking up rich sauces.
1x Houskove knedliky / Bread dumplings: Soft and fluffy bread dumplings, ideal for serving with meat dishes and gravies.
1x Halusky: Traditional Czech potato dumplings, often paired with sauerkraut and bacon.


3x Znojemska - sauce: A tangy and savory sauce perfect for pairing with meats and dumplings.
3x Koprova - sauce: A creamy dill sauce that adds a refreshing flavor to your dishes.
3x Svickova - sauce: A classic creamy sauce made with root vegetables, perfect for roast beef and bread dumplings.
3x Zaklad na gulas - sauce: A hearty base for making authentic Czech goulash, rich and full of flavor.
3x Hribkova - sauce: A mushroom sauce that pairs wonderfully with dumplings and meats.
3x Syrova - sauce: A cheesy sauce that adds a comforting touch to various dishes.
3x Smetanove brambory - sauce: Creamy potatoes with a hint of rosemary, perfect as a side dish or a main course.

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