Top 5 Christmas Fairy-tales

Christmas is just around the corner and here comes the time to stock up on some cosy Christmas stories. Like every year, we are here to recommend the most popular Czech fairy-tales.


1.Three Wishes for Cinderella/Tri orisky pro Popelku

One of the most beautiful and succesful Czech fairy-tales, based on fairy-tale Popelka (Cinderella) by Bozena Nemcová. Beautiful, kind and clever Cinderella gains Prince's heart. In this fairy-tale we can hear the well known song "Kdepak ty ptacku hnizdo mas?" (Where do you bird have nest?) by famous czech singer Karel Gott.



  1. Angel of the Lord/Andel Pane and Angel of the Lord 2/Andel Pane 2

This beautiful and very popular fairy-tale has now a second part that was released last year.

On the Christmas day the whole heaven prepares for Jesus birthday party. Only angel Petronel doesn’t know what he’s doing. He ruins everything he touches and even insults God. He is sent on Earth to make at least one sinner better. This can’t be done easily due to angel’s.

Angel of the Lord 2 : Petronel, an angel, is still working at the Heaven's gates but is confident that he deserves a better function. His everlasting tempter Uriah, a devil, takes up tempting him. All one has to do to know all that God knows is pick an apple from the tree of knowledge. And then, the route to the well-deserved acknowledgment is free. Petronel and Uriah than proceed to argue about the apple, ant the results are catastrophic.


  1. Once upon a Time, There Was a King/Byl jednou jeden Kral

During the Christmas time we cannot forget the legendary Jan Werich who played the kng in this film. Once upon a time, there was a king, who called himself Me First.. The king promised he’ll give whole his kingdom to the one of three daughters, who will love him most. Drahomira loves him like a gold. Zpevanka loves him like a gold in throat. The youngest daughter Maruska loves him like a salt, but the king gets angry because of this comparison and he sends Maruska out of his castle.

  1. The Twelve Months/Dvanact mesicku

This film presents a beautiful winter time, captured as if it was painted. Maybe this is also the reason why it became so popular.

After her father's death Maruska is exposed to the whims of her evil stepmother and her stepsister Kveta. They treat her as Cinderella. Shortly before Christmas, Karel, who made his fortune in the wide world, returns to his homeland as a rich man. The village girls immediately surround him since they see their chance to marry well. In his distress, Karel announces that he only marries the one who surprises him with fragrant violets, juicy strawberries and a tree with red apples - in the middle of winter. Maruska is forced by her stepmother to find these rarities for Kveta. So the poor girl sets out into the snowy forest, where she meets twelve old men with supernatural powers: the month's rulers.

  1. The Princess with the Golden Star/Princezna se zlatou hvezdou

Last but not least, we present The Princess with the Golden Star.

Beautiful princess Lada has a gold star on her forehead. Her father is a mild emperor, who is under complete control of his advisors. There is also evil king Kazisvet, who invades the Kingdom and wants Lada’s hand. Lada has to run away and finds asylum as a cook in The Prince Radovan’s Kingdom.


Czech cinematography takes pride in really beautiful fairy-tales. It is extremely hard to choose only five of them. We decided to highlight the ones most frequently ordered. We would definitely appreciate if you also check out other amazing films such as Ruffiano and Sweeteeth/Lotrando a Zubejda, Long Live Ghosts!/At ziji duchove, Give the Devil His Due/S certy nejsou zerty, The Seven Ravens/Sedmero Krkavcu, Princess Lucid and the Flying Shoemaker/O princezne Jasnence a letajicim sevci, Sleeping Beauty/Jak se budi princezny, Darbujan and Pandrhola, The Incredibly Sad Princess/Silene smutna princezna and many more.

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