Top 5 fairy-tales with Devils in them

Every culture has its traditions. In the Czech Republic we celebrate the day of St. Nicholas every year before Christmas. The tradition is that St. Nicholas, an Angel and a Devil come to visit all the children. These creatures bring small gifts to the children in return for a short song or a poem. Hence the Czech Devils are not always bad and there is no need to be afraid of them, we chose the top 5 Devil stories.

1. Give the Devil His Due/S certy nejsou zerty
Greedy stepmothers steals everything from her stepson Petr. Meanwhile, Peter meets two daughter of a local duke. He falls in love with one of them, but she is very proud and Petr means nothing to her. The second daughter Adelka is kind and humble and falls in love with Peter. Peter meets a devil and together they want to punist the evil ones.

2. Playing with the Devil/Hratky s certem
A popular Czech fairy tale about devils, princesses and heroes. Brave soldier goes to Hell to save the souls of a beautiful princess and her maid (fairy tale). Will the young soldier save the stubborn princess ready for the nuptials?


3. The Devil’s Bride/Certova nevesta
Young Stepan saves his beloved princess Stepanka to marry Lucifer due to the promise her parents, the King and the Queen, did to the Evil as reword for the help he provided to the Queen to get pregnant.


4. Pure Devilry/Certoviny
Once happened, that the Hell was being cleaned. The devils were swarming around, but they were too clumsy to find their job and therefore the Hell was a complete mess. Two young devils got in the way purposely. And then it happened - one of them fell on the other and they both threw a cauldron with a sinful soul on the ground. The soul immediately escaped. The two Devils now have to accept their punishment from Lucifer - to go to the world of humans and each of them has to bring one sinful soul to the Hell. If they succeed, they will be forgiven.


5. Hell with Princess/Peklo s princeznou
The royal children refuse forced marriage. King Bedrich threatens King Leopold with war and King Leopold makes up a fake hell with fake devils. What will happen then – wedding or war?


Other beautiful fairy-tales we would definitely recommend are The Princess from the Mill/Princezna ze mlýna, The Princess from the Mill2 /Princezna ze mlýna 2, The Devil Knows Why/Cert vi proc, The horned Love/Laska rohata and many others, unfortunately without subtitles.

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