Top 5 comedies for cosy Christmas

Christmas is the holiday of peace and quiet. We like to slow down and enjoy the time with our families. There are many great comedies that will help you create the cosy atmosphere at your home. Here are the best ones. Again, the list was made in order of popularity among you.

1. I Enjoy the World with You/S tebou me bavi svet

The story is about the winter holidays of three men spending time with their six children. Men take care of their children and provide them with entertainment by themselves. From the responses of their wives, who come to check them, men find out that it wasn't so perfect as they thought.

2. Cosy Dens/Pelisky

It's one of the best Czech movies. Unique retro comedy from the end of 60s, which shows the life in the socialistic Czechoslovakia. The film is full of unforgettable scenes, ironic catch-phrases and a good music.

3. The Snowdrop Festival/Slavnosti sněženek

This movie is based on texts of Bohumil Hrabal, world-known Czech prosaic. It's a story (in a form of a mosaic of short episodes and pictures) about the sadness and happiness of inhabitants of Kersko (Kersko is a small woody area full of cottages and roods). These people are both simple and sensitive, they have their own pleasures (e.g. Leli is a collector of cheap, but inutile things) and the greatest delight of all of them is hunting. Crude poetics of amateur hunting is screened by dreamy pictures of this area. Menzel mixes sentimental lyricism and rough (but not vulgar!) humor and the outcome is the never-ending landscape of continuous life in the proximate nearness of nature. The performances of actors are brilliant. Both Rudolf Hrusinsky as Franz and Jaromír Hanzlik as Leli have nonrecurring charm bottomed on a pain and inebriation. Only the music is not perfect: Jiri Sust usually assembled his film music from his older works and in this movie there are many quotations.

4. My Little Sweet Village/Vesnicko ma strediskova

Story about retarded villager living in a town. Otik is a retarded bachelor who lives in the Czech village. There are people who help him. Otik sells his house and moves to the town. There he is all alone, without any help of his friends. Life brings him only problems and complications. Fortunately, his friends from the village come to help him.

5. Angel in the Mountains/Andel na horach

Three young employees of Spofana Company, Zdenek, his girlfriend Vera Novotna and their friend Vera Matouskova were rewarded for excellent work by a vacation in the mountain resort of Tatranska Lomnica. The Prague Transport Company controller Gustav Andel (Jaroslav Marvan) also travels to the same destination as a reward. He does not know yet Vera, future wife of his son Mirek, and has decided to secretly check her behaviour in the absence of her fiancee. By mistake he considers Vera Novotna to be his son's girlfriend, and so his investigations cause him plenty of embarrassments.

Other favorites of yours are What About Having Spinach/Coz takhle dat si spenat, Seclusion Near a Forest/Na samote u lesa, Marecek, Pass Me the Pen!/Marecku, podejte mi pero!, Waiter, Scarper!/Vrchni, prchni!, The Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians/Tajemstvi hradu v Karpatech, Four Murders Are Enough, Darling/Ctyri vrazdy staci, drahousku and others.

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