The discussed film Bethlehem Night / Betlemske svetlo

A writer Karel Sejnoh (Zdenek Sverak) is getting older and is unable to finish stories like before. The stories pile up in his head and their characters beg for the author to continue the plot. Everyone wants something. A photographer Matej wants to get the unapproachable Vendula from the pharmacy. Mr. Bohumil begs for a miracle. Mechanic Bakalar would like to be a healer. Sejnoh's wife enters this imaginary world. She thinks that he should stop writing. Comedy with elements of magical realism presents universal questions of human life with exaggeration and humor. The screenplay of Jan Sverak's film is based on Zdenek Sverak's popular short stories.

In my opinion, this is definitely not the best work of the duo Sverak - Sverak, but it was worth watching. Jan tried to put together 3 stories of his father and I have to say, not quite successfully. Fictional characters enter the author's life without any major storylines, and all this is interwoven with the author's real relationship with his wife.

I think that Daniela Kolarova and Zdenek Sverak unfortunately have nothing more to offer each other in terms of film. I didn't find these parts of the film interesting, and it's even more unfortunate that I really like both of them. On the one hand, I appreciate the script full of humorous lines, on the other hand, something just didn't feel right to me while watching. I was surprised by how many familiar faces appeared in the film (sometimes only for a moment), however, the whole film focused primarily on the couple Sverak-Kolarova. The Bethlehem light does not bore, but does not amaze either - such a decent flame that had the potential to shine more.

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