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It is important to notice, that this work is very controversial. This film received not only standing ovations in cinemas, but also many people were already leaving during screenings because of disconcert. What is it all about? Parents, trying to protect their child against Jewish genocide are sending their son to their relatives somewhere to the countryside in the Eastern Europe. But the boy’s aunt unexpectedly dies, and the boy is left alone. He is forced to set off for a journey through wild and unfriendly world, where rules only prejudice and superstitions. His struggle for physical survival is changed...

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New Yorker Frank (Hynek Cermak) gains an ancient family residence - the Kostka castle, thanks to his aristocratic ancestors. After more than forty years, the descendant of Czech emigrants is ready to return to Bohemia (Czech Republic) with his daughter Marie (Yvona Stolarova) and a vivacious wife Vivien (Tatiana Vilhelmova). These new aristocrats are unacquainted of the local conditions and Czech reality. They only know their former homeland and the life there from ancient stories told by their relatives. Matters related to the return of property are handled by attorney Benda (Vojtech Kotek). As soon as the family arrives, they...

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The story takes us to the town Pytlov at the foot of the Pervidle hill. Local people are usually craftsmen and peasants who are living an ordinary life. They may not even know that all their offenses and wrongdoings are being carefully monitored by the local hell office. Sins are written fairly and unmistakably by the devil's Magic Quill. One day the Quill stops working and therefore Lucifer sends there a confused devil Bonifac, for whom it is an opportunity to show off.   Unfortunately, after he comes to the town, he gets robbed of the Magic Quill.  The plot is...

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