Continuation of the fairy tale The Old Blunderbuss Mystery / Tajemstvi stare bambitky!

The story of a reformed robber Karaba, his courageous daughter Anicka, a slightly clumsy Prince Jakub and other characters were abandoned by the creators at the end of the first film. Evil was punished and good won. And years later... Jakub is a king and Anicka is a queen. Their daughter, princess Johanka has this incredible curiosity. She likes to spend time with her loving grandfather Karaba, who has decided to devote himself to the craft of pottery.

The villainous counsellors Lorenc and Ferenc have been banished from the kingdom and roam the world looking for a place to start again. And a young, inexperienced Queen Juliet of a neighbouring kingdom becomes a suitable instrument of their revenge. Would it be time to dust off the mysterious blunderbuss, which has been well hidden until now, and call the robber Karaba for help? And isn't it just a fairy tale for a little princess? Lorenc and Ferenc set an elaborate trap for Karaba. Now it is necessary to join forces so that justice and love will finally win.

Already the first fairy tale grew incredibly close to my heart. Continuation is not bad at all. Cast 10/10; Plot 9/10; Music 9/10; Set 9/10. I appreciate beautiful songs, nice lyrics that make sense and nicely sung. You don't hear that much anymore. The story is simple but wonderful. All well played, the little princess is amazing. The joy of the actors from filming accompanies the entire fairy tale.

Even though I'm already very much looking forward to the continuation of the fantasy fairy tale Princess Lost in Time, this made the waiting incredibly pleasant for me. If there are any new Czech fairy tales to recommend, it would definitely be The Old Blunderbuss Mystery 1 and The Old Blunderbuss Mystery 2. It is sung in the soundtrack Heya heya hey! 10/10

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