Even Mice Belong in Heaven / Mysi Patri do Nebe now on DVD

Mouse Supito likes to convince others that it is the bravest mouse in the whole world and is not afraid of anything. However, the opposite is true. In fact, it gets excited about everything that flashes around. Its wish is to be as brave as its dad. He was able to risk his own life against the terrifying fox Tlamoun, who had been terrorizing the entire forest. Although dad did not win the fight, he became an admired hero of the mouse community. Supito wants to prove to everyone that courage can be inherited. It tries to repeat dad’s legendary trick - to pull a few hairs from fox's fur. It chooses the sleeping young fox Whitebelly as its target. In the end, everything turns out a little differently than the little mouse imagined. The fox wakes up unexpectedly and the chase ends unhappily for both of them. Both Supito and Whitebelly go to animal heaven.

While trying to avoid the entrance cleansing bath in the heavenly spa, the mouse and the fox bump into each other again. And thanks to their shared dislike of washing, they are forced to continue their journey together. They wander through heavenly attractions and fantastic corners, experience various adventures and unexpected meetings and get to know each other. At first, Supito is really angry with Whitebelly, but gradually it realizes that Whitebelly is different from the other foxes. On their way through heaven, the two together overcome various pitfalls, complete tasks and overcome obstacles. A wonderful friendship develops between them and a big surprise awaits them at the end of their journey.

An amazing moving animation that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. The characters are likably naive (after all - they are actually children). The story flows pleasantly and you will enjoy it properly. In the last minutes, you can guess where the final twist will probably be, but even so, you can find a bunch of smaller surprises here and there that will please you. The icing on the cake is the music, the theme of which brings to mind Christmas movies full of love and understanding.

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