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Jindřich Plachta, originaly named Jindřich Šolle, was Czech actor and writer.

He was very talented, and the audience favorite. Vlasta Burian was the first person to see Plachta's talent and engaged him in his theatre. After a time, Plachta became more and more popular, resulting in many disagreements between him and Burian. The situation was resolved when Plachta left to Voskovec and Werich theater. There Plachta starred in plays like Osel a Stín, Kat a Blázen, but mainly in the revue Rub a Líc.

As a film actor, he worked in the silent film era.

His first film role was in the silent film The Good Soldier Schweik. Fateful and iconic film in which he shone was Men in Offside. In most of his roles, he charms the audience to this day, for example Professor Matulka from the film Cesta do Hlubin Studakovy Duse.
His popular roles include:
Red Lizard (1949): Prof. Bláha
Pocestne Pani Pardubicke (1944): reeve Pálka
Kluci na Rece (1944): Hokynár Timtelo
Barbora Hlavsova (1943): Zanta, pensioner
Mestecko na Dlani (1942): Janek Pudes
Karel and Me (1942): Drozkar Sourek
Advokat Chudych (1941): Jakub Marvan
Nebe a Dudy (1941): Antonín Fábera
Z ceskych mlynu (1941): Josef Safránek
Bila Vrana (1938): Filomen Dubanský

And many many more

Interesting facts:

He chose the stage name Plachta after his nickname,which was formed in the school years, when his mother sewed him a large cape, that on his skinny body literally flew (Plachta means sail cloth in English). One of the teachers called to him:"Where with the plachta (sail cloth)?" and the nickname remained.

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