Tonka of the Gallows

In November 2016 a new DVD came out with a Czech film from archive, the irreplaceable film Tonka of the Gallows.

This is without a doubt one of the best Czech creation, and one of the first Czechoslovak fiction feature-length sound film. We have noticed on our Web site, that many of you are interested in this particular film, so it is time to get closer to it.

The movie was filmed in 1930 by Karl Anton and first made a mute. Thanks to studios Gaumont in Paris and using Danish technology, the film has been given Czech, German and French sounds. The film was shown in Germany under the title Die Galgentoni and Tonischka in France. The film has 79 minutes, and the film strip on which the film was recorded has 2312 meters.

In the full copy has been preserved just French sound versions. Only 15 minutes from the Czech version remained. It is from the beginning and Karel Hašler sings his songs Hradčany krásné and Když padá v Praze sníh.

The story is melodramatic and tells the story of an innocent country girl (Ita Rina) that is making it through as a prostitute. She does a last service to a killer sentenced to death (Josef Rovenský). The heroine is unable to resist the society’s contempt. The film is riveting, full of love, forgiveness, and hatred.

Tonka of the gallows dvd


  • Theme: Egon Erwin Kisch
  • Scenario: Benno Vigny, Willy Haas
  • Camera: Eduard Hoesch
  • Director: Karel Anton
  • Artist: Hanuš Gödert, William Poneš
  • Music: Erno Košťál
  • Studios: Kavalirka, Prague; Gaumont in Paris
  • Exteriors: Veselí na Moravě
  • Produced by the company: Anton


  • “Tonka of the Gallows” - Ita Rina
  • Tonka’s Mother – Vera Baranovská
  • Prokůpek – Josef Rovenský
  • Cabman - Jindřich Plachta
  • the owner of a brothel – Antonie Nedošínská
  • Pimp – Jan Sviták


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