Masaryk - The Winner of 12 Czech Lion Awards

Finally, here comes 12 times the Czech Lion Award-winning film Masaryk on DVD and Blu Ray.

Many has been written about this film. It is identified as a brilliant stroke of Czech cinema. Young Masaryk was long disregarded by filmmakers. Director Julius Sevcik decided to change it and highlighted this crucial stage in life, which in my opinion, was excellent.

Masaryk had hard times. First he loses his father. Then as an Ambassador in the UK, he tried to prevent the Munich Agreement. Everything eventually ends in his emigration over a large puddle in America. The atmosphere of the movie is, despite for a few scenes, tense and depressing. Together with the music immerses the viewer into the plot, which takes place in a psychiatric hospital, where, at his request, Masaryk goes.

The vast majority of the movie is in English.

It helps, of course, with the realities of storytelling, as well as period stylization. Anyway, all of the technical items for the domestic conditions are at high level (editing, sound, camera, designed). Chameleon actor Karel Roden is flawless, once a half-wild, other times with a little cocaine, then he fights the politicians for a better future for the Czech Republic. And every time it is absolutely convincing and focused.

I would criticize only the scenario in some passages, but on the whole it's useless anyway, as well as some minor historical inaccuracies. The essence of this film is a form, which is impressive. It is a guarantee of quality film for the evening.

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