Josef Abrham has died: He did not outlive his wife Libuse Safrankova by a year.

A great actor who was awesome in a comic role as well as a serious one. A professional in every way. Darling of the Czech nation for decades. This was the amazing actor Josef Abrham, who has died at the age of 82. Finally, he may be reunited with his beloved wife, Libuse Safrankova, who died a year ago in June.

Josef Abrham's love for art and theatre was inherited from his ancestors. His grandfather was a Slovak playwright, novelist and evangelical pastor Jozef Holly († 1912). His uncle was Slovak actor Martin Holly Sr. († 61) and cousin director Martin Holly Jr. († 72).

Maybe that's why his steps led to The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, which he graduated from in 1962 and immediately headed to the Prague Theatre in Vinohrady. But he only played there for three seasons. He eventually settled in the Cinoherni Klub, where he played until 1992. However, he became a film star mainly thanks to film and television.

And if any of his roles were really unforgettable, it is definitely Dr. Blazej from the series Hospital at the End of the City / Nemocnice na kraji mesta (first series 1978, second 1981). In 2003, a free continuation Hospital at the End of the City after 20 years was filmed, and then another one in 2008, Hospital at the End of the City - New Fates. 

Abrham and Safrankova were not only life partners, but also acting partners. Together, they appeared in many films: Waiter, Scarper! / Vrchni, prchni! (1980), The Importance of Being Earnest / Jak je dulezite miti Filipa (1979), Svatebni cesta do Jilji (1983), Dokonaly muz, dokonala zena (1986). One of the most beautiful and successful is the 1999 film All My Loved Ones / Vsichni moji blizci, about the fate of a Jewish family just before the outbreak of World War II.

Josef Abrham also played in many fairy tales. Although he did not get the role of prince in the most famous film of his wife, Three Wishes for Cinderella / Tri orisky pro Popelku (1973). Do you remember St. Joseph in the fairy tale Angel of the Lord 2 from 2016? Abrham was unforgettable there in the role of Saint Joseph. We hope that he has already met his wife Libuse in the acting heaven.

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