Laska Na Spickach - New Czech Comedy

The story of the romantic comedy is set in a small town and its surroundings in the Broumov region. The dramatic landscape corresponds to the moods of the main character Tereza (36), a former prima ballerina of the National Theater, who ended her career as a professional dancer after an accident. She moved with her husband Petr and seven-year-old daughter Maruska to an abandoned mill, which she inherited from her grandmother. With bulldog willpower and despite limited funds, she is reconstructing the building to create a new home for the family. She earns extra money by running a physical education class at a local school. She teaches their daughters the basics of ballet. Petr is not happy in the countryside. He wants to make a career in Prague. The marriage going through the crisis, the precarious existence and the human limitations of some of the inhabitants of the small town force Tereza to pull on her own shoulders more than she can possibly bear. Fortunately, there are her little "prima ballerinas" who are far from perfect, but they are all the cuter. But life puts unexpected pitfalls in our way. One night the mill starts to burn. Volunteer firefighters and their handsome commander appear on the scene. Petr announces that he is moving to Prague. The headmaster of the school tells Tereza that the physical education classes will be probably cancelled. Out of nowhere, Tereza's friends appear on the scene. If Tereza wants to survive in good health, she must think of a plan ...

 I would love to write that this comedy was original, unusual and absolutely great. Unfortunately, Laska na Spickach falls into the category of typical Czech comedies of recent years. The plot is completely predictable, the romantic line does not surprise. The film is fun, but we can't expect deeper meaning or dialogues here. Vica Kerekes has delivered an outstanding performance as always. Thanks to Vica can the film be watched repeatedly. I recommend it to everyone who likes romantic films and does not care that much about dialogues, screenplays, directing. 6,5/10

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