Iva Janzurova - a great Czech actress

In May, the great actress, legendary Iva Janzurova celebrated her 81. birthday.

Iva Janzurova was born on May 19, 1941, in Zirovnice near Pelhrimov. Following the example of her parents (both were teachers), she went to the pedagogical grammar school in Ceske Budejovice, but in the end, her love for theatre won and in 1963 she graduated from The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. After a year's engagement at the F.X. Salda Theater in Liberec she became a leading member of the Vinohrady Theatre in 1964, where she worked until the mid-1980s. She has been a member of the National Theatre Drama Ensemble since 1988.

In the 1960s, she became famous for her role in the drama Coach to Vienna / Kocar do Vidne, as well as in the comedies Pension for Single Gentlemen / Pension pro svobodne pany, Wedding Under Supervision / Svatba jako remen, and Men about Town / Svetaci. In the early 1970s, after the double role of Mrs. Keletti-Stubova in a comedy You Are a Widow, Sir / Pane, vy jste vdova! (for which she received the Best Actress Award at the IMF of Fantastic Films in Trieste), she played dramatic roles in J. Herz's Oil Lamps / Petrolejove Lampy and Morgiana. In the 70's and 80's she became one of the busiest actresses. She starred in comedies such as We'll Kick Up a Fuss Tomorrow, Darling...! / Zitra to roztocime, drahousku...!, Marecek, Pass Me the Pen! / Marecku, podejte mi pero!, How About a Plate of Spinach / Coz takhle dat si spenat. In addition to comedies, she has appeared in many television films, such as Ikaros' fall / Ikaruv pad, Strach ma Velke Oci, and series, e.g. Hospital at the End of the City / Nemocnice na kraji mesta. She also often appeared in entertaining shows.

Since the 1990s, she has also played with her husband Stanislav Remunda (actor, director, and playwright) and daughters Sabina and Theodora at the family touring theater. She holds two Czech Lion Awards for the best actor in a leading role in films The Catcher in the Rye (1998) and The Trip (2002). She received an award for the best actress at the International Film Festival in Sochi (2000) for her role in the film Ene Bene. She also holds the Alfred Radok Award and the Thalia Award.

In which film do you like "Janzurka" the most? Feel free to write to us. We like the last film The Lady Terrorist / Teroristka.


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