A long-awaited documentary Karel now available on DVD

The documentary film Karel brings a unique insight into the privacy of a great Czech singer Karel Gott. Renowned director Olga Malirova Spatova filmed with Karel Gott for a whole year. An unusually personal view of the life of the famous singer was created, mostly thanks to his frank openness. The film also shows Gott's insight and humor.

Karel isn't about the indisputable fame of Karel Gott and his singing talent and achievements. The director Olga Malirova Spatova turns on her camera where the glory ends and where the phenomenal Golden Nightingale Karel Gott becomes only Karel – an enthusiastic painter, loving husband and father. The creators captured Karel Gott during his performances, meetings with fans in Czechia and Germany, and above all in his home, that is in Prague, in his country house, and in the village where he spent his childhood. In the film, the singer follows the footsteps of his life. He goes to places that played an important role in his life. He reveals the unknown behind the scenes of concerts, as well as his life with his family and privacy, which he otherwise tried to protect. Thanks to Karel Gott's frank openness, we can see an authentic and unique film portrait, full of unexpected memories.

KAREL is definitely an interesting documentary that excited me from the beginning till the end. It was filmed from the autumn of 2018 until September 2019. There is occasional criticism from the audience that it was created with emotional charge on purpose, but I didn't mind that at all. There are scenes where the daughters and wife Ivana talk about how Ivana takes care of him, worries, etc. In addition, there are flashbacks from the past, dialogues, singing, interviews with Czech composer Karel Svoboda and other famous personalities from Karel's life. Gott often speaks to himself and to the audience. There are many emotional moments. The most emotional to me was singing with his daughter Charlotta. Well, I guess I don't need to go on. I'm surprisingly satisfied. I recommend it to everyone who likes Karel Gott.

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