The Way Home / Cesta domu – the trilogy is now complete

The Way Home follows director Tomas Vorel's previous two films Out of the City / Cesta z Mesta and To the Woods / Cesta do Lesa. Together they create a closed trilogy and complete the fates of all the main characters.

In The Way Home, Bolek Polivka and Eva Holubova return in the lead roles as the Papos agricultural family. Tomas Hanak and Barbora Nimcova as the immigrant family from the city, Tomas Vorel Jr. and Lucie Steflova as the gamekeeper Ludva and his wife. Milan Steindler also appears in the role of a gamekeepers' chairman and Dominika Elischerova as Mina. The old and traditional farmer Papos is beginning to worry about his old age and the fact that his son Ludva does not want to take over the farm. Ludva wants to stay in the local forest. But the forest administration wants to sell the gamekeeper's lodge where he lives. His wife irritates the villagers with her "organic" approach to life and must come to terms with the fact that some local women want to seduce handsome Ludva. Tomas, who once moved from the city and from the office to the village, is already firmly attached to the village. He works as a lumberjack in the woods and likes to drink, while his wife is interested in meditation in nature. 

Amazing ending and overall awesome film trilogy. Yes, there was less humour, but Tomas Vorel grew older and apparently didn't need to shoot something funny. The paths of the main characters have apparently been closed forever. They all reached their goal. And just as the main characters have slowly aged in our previous two films, they have grown old in the last film. And it happens in a completely natural way. 

All the actors played great, but who I would name extra was Bolek Polivka. We have almost forgotten how great he is as an actor. When I watched him in this film, I couldn't help but remember the Forgotten Light / Zapomenute Svetlo. Just as he got in the role of a pastor there, he got lost in The Way Home character and I truly believed he was ill. Tomas Hanak, my beloved Master Kalina, got older. His hair turned white, but it is still him, the old stager with a penetrating look. He also showed an amazing performance here. Young Vorel was great too. The camera and all the shots of our beautiful nature were beautiful. This was just a real film from the countryside and forest.

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