We Will Remain Faithful / Verni Zustaneme – An Unknown, Rare Document

The famous final words of Edvard Benes's funeral speech, delivered over Masaryk's coffin on 21 September 1937, became a symbol of the democratic anti-fascist Czechoslovak resistance, and symbolically also the title of the film, which was to be a kind of message from the exiled government in London to the Czechoslovak public.

Step by step, this comprehensive account traces the uneasy journey of the Czechoslovak anti-fascists, beginning with the bitter Munich prologue of autumn 1938 and the even sadder 15 March 1939. It goes on to recount the difficult years of the 'golden era' of the German blitzkrieg, during which the Wehrmacht occupied most of Europe. It does not shy away from the critical moments of domestic and foreign resistance, and it does not gloss over any of the more important moments of the Second World War, whether on the Eastern, Western or North African front.

The triumph of the predominantly democratic coalition of victorious United Nations is symbolized by the film's climax, which is a summarizing and generalizing speech by President Edvard Benes, reporting both on the activities of the foreign resistance in London and Moscow, and on the first steps in the liberated homeland that the domestic governments of Czechs and Slovaks should and could have taken during the first weeks and months of the Third Czechoslovak Republic's brief existence. Needless to say, these were intentions and intentions which differed considerably from what actually began to happen in our country from May 1945.

A completely unknown and rarely screened documentary by the outstanding Czech director Jiri Weiss. I'm very glad that this film has gained attention and has been transferred to DVD. The bonus features from the Front and the returns and convalescent homes are also a great addition to this film. I hope that this work will soon become more widely known.

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