Czech Animated Film / Cesky animovany film 1925-1945 DVD

A collection of Czech animated films has already been released once on DVD. This re-release, however, contains all Czech animated films from 1925 to 1945. The original edition was awarded a prestigious "Greatest Discovery" prize at the II. Cinema Ritrovato festival in Bologna in 2013. The re-release also includes a black and white film: How a Man Can Win Favour from 1926 and a booklet about the beginnings of animation and trick films in the Czech Republic. In addition, the new edition also focuses on young viewers in a playful way, with illustrated worksheets, which you will find enclosed inside. 

The origins of our cinema are very interesting. This collection of three DVDs brings short Czech animated films, 76 in total, with a total length of almost 7 hours. You will find here films by local filmmakers Irena and Karel Dodal, Hermina Tyrlova and Karel Zeman. There are also works by foreign directors and artists who made commercials and short films for companies and film productions based in our country during that period. This re-released edition is published with a new cover, which graphically follows the original edition of the complete and selected DVD. If you are a fan of Czech cinema this is definitely something you must see. 

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