Vysehrad: FYLM A Film Full Of Absurd Humour

More than a year has passed since we last saw Julius "Lavi" Lavicky (Jakub Stafek). Yes, it was when he "sold" the game, but forgot about it and scored a beautiful goal. Lavi is, as his agent Jarda (Jakub Prachar) would say, still the same dick, but he has finally started to do well. Both in football and in his personal life. Vysehrad has been promoted to the second league, where Lavi leads the scorers' table. Wealthier clubs are thinking about hiring him again. He has even proposed to his girlfriend Lucie (Sarka Vaculikova), Jarda's sister...

Unfortunately, at the wedding, which cost a fortune, he finds out that he has an eight-year-old son. This news does not please the bride. Lavi decides to solve the lack of finances by taking a loan from a not-so-honest party, while trying not to lose his wife on the wedding day. He must take care of the child, which is far from his reach. His goal is to get out of Vysehrad to a higher league, and to fight with the practices of a football Daddy... He's just hurtling like an avalanche - from one problem to another!

If you are a lover of humour that is way too far over the line, this film is perfect for you. The film uses vulgar, black, sarcastic and silly humour, but never once does it come across as awkward because it pokes fun at absolutely everything and the film is aware of that.

I was really worried about the child element, but surprisingly it worked. Also pleasing is the great soundtrack and the insight into the corruption of the betting mafia and the corruption of Czech football. The film doses the humour with such intensity that it doesn't leave the viewer gasping or thinking about anything else. I'm not surprised at the high attendance in cinemas. Please note that this film is unsuitable for children under 15. 9/10

Film accessible from 18 years old

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