The story of Milada Horakova

Film Milada, which was just released on the DVD, has split the audience into two groups. The first one is disappointed and considers it as a big failure, which was recently made into a film, while the other group argues that it is a great film, which perfectly reflects the character of Milada Horáková.

What is this film about?

The film Milada is inspired by the life and destiny of Milada Horáková, who touched many people. It is set in the years 1937-1950 and tells the story of a woman with moral principles rooted so deeply that her decisions were led by her conscience more than her heart, even at the cost of endangering her family and herself. Milada Horáková was executed on 27. June 1950, even though then-President of the Czechoslovak Republic received many requests for a pardon. Among people asking about her grace were for example Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill or Eleanor Roosevelt. The central themes of the film are freedom, the fight for democracy, truth, love, hope, power and sacrifice that are very topical even today. The aim of the film is to present the personality of Milada Horáková and her life and fate to the audience in the Czech Republic and also abroad.

Don't be discouraged by weak rating and comments.

Film Milada is well represented, and for me, all her speeches were played very well. I believed the whole story from the beginning to the end. A lot of people feel a lack of sense in the personality of JUDr. Horáková, but the truth is, that she was unbelievably balanced woman and determined to resist the Communist regime. The only drawback of the film were unresolved passages and inconsistency of time. That felt a bit pathetic and kitschy. The staging was sometimes clumsy but on the whole the film is strong, sad, and the fact that it is built on a real person is even more interesting for the viewer.

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