Remembering Milos Forman, Oscar-winning director

Czech Oscar-winning director Milos Forman has died on 13 April. The Czech native was 86 years old.

Forman is regarded as one of the best and the world's most renowned film directors. He achieved many successes and was appreciated by both the audience and the critics. One of his most famous films is One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, 1974. He got five Oscar Academy Awards, including one for the best film and for the best director. Another eight Oscars won his famous film Amadeus.

Milos Forman Amadeus


He directed his own debut in 1963, which is collectively named as Konkurs, and it consists of two stories: “Konkurs” and “Kdyby ty muziky nebyly”. His first feature-length film is ČERNÝ PETR (1963), which won many international awards. Followed by LÁSKY JEDNÉ PLAVOVLÁSKY (1965) about irresponsible promises, irresponsible youth and early life failure. One of his best-known films is HOŘÍ MÁ PANENKO (Firemen's Ball), where are shown discords of the Czech society.

Milos Forman Prelet nad kukaccim hnizdem

After August 1968 Forman left to the US. There he became known thanks to the comedy TAKING OFF (Odcházím) and followed by other works, for which he collected a variety of prizes and awards.

Although Milos Forman is not a native American and he started his career the United States in his 40s, he certainly belongs among the best American directors of modern history.

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