Excepcional film with Jan Tříska († 80) Radúz and Mahulena returns in a renewed form.

Finally here comes a remastered version of beautiful and very popular fairy tale Radúz and Mahulena.

This romantic fairy tale was directed by Petr Weigl, who kept the atmosphere of the original written work. The film is perfectly highlighted by Josef Suk music. The plot is consistent, romantic music is where it should be and the drama underscores the passages that are so dramatically successful.

Raduz a mahulena dvd

I did not use to like this story very much as a little girl, but over time I have found a positive relationship to it.

Only now I can appreciate the excellent handling of the whole work. Singing language, excellent performances, costumes, and make-up of the actors. Magda Vašáryová together with Jan Tříska created a beautiful couple. For me, this movie is the best processed fairy tale and I would compare it with the legendary Three Wishes for Cinderella.

Raduz a Mahulena Remastered

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