Sarlatan (Charlatan) movie ♥

Charlatan is a Czech biographical drama about an exceptional man with healing abilities. The story is inspired by the life of Jan Mikolasek, a successful Czech healer, who healed thousands of people, including many well-known people. Mikolasek was a man without any professional medical education. He had an unusual and inexplicable talent to diagnose and used herbs to heal diseases. However, his extraordinary abilities are redeemed by fighting his own demons. Healing is his inner salvation and protection from himself…

Charlatan perfectly meets the designation of the most anticipated domestic film. The director of this work, Agnieszka Holland really succeeded with her work. I have a feeling that what we, Czechs do not want to shoot, Pole must shoot for us.

Jan Mikolasek was not one of those who make great history. Except for a handful of witnesses and descendants of those he treated, no one knew about him yet. Agnieszka Holland is an experienced director of European level. She created a film worth seeing that can create a dramatic arc and captivate the viewer. There are a number of scenes that will delight the viewer's eye. The cast, led by Ivan Trojan, who gives his best, also helps a lot, and it is quite possible that this is his strongest film role. If I have a problem with something, it's the script that doesn't have much to do with logic and historical facts, and because of this some contradictory things got into the film. Anyway that is not a major problem.

I will definitely watch this film again.

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