The movie Havel released on DVD

The long-awaited film about former President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel saw the light of day in 2020. 

Due to the covid situation, it wasn't long in Czech cinemas. Nevertheless it still aroused quite contradictory reactions. The director Slavek Horak says:   “It's a drama, however, it contains many funny and absurd situations that are intermingled  with comedy.  Only a combination of laughter and drama depicts for me real joy and pain of life."

From my point of view, the film did not offend me, neither inspire me. However I have to admit that it entertained me. The film slides on the surface and does not go deep.  It also avoids controversial topics. The director chose 3 periods from Václav Havel's life and tried to pass them on to the viewer.  In my opinion, the whole concept does not work. As for the acting performances, I was generally satisfied. Viktor Dvorak played his role precisely. He was convincingly seconded by Anna Geislerova as Olga and Martin Hofmann, who took care of several humorous scenes.  Despite the great cast and solid story, I lacked any powerful scene that would literaly floored me - perhaps only the final preparation for the speech was closest to it. 

There is nothing new about Havel. Rather than a biographical, it is more like a romantic film.  The ideal name would probably be Havel and Olga. It is Olga Havlová who is the driving force and corrector of all Havel's steps; spirited, whenever he hesitates, straight whenever he dribbles, knowing, at any time he hesitates. Although cheated, Olga is irreplaceable woman. "Rather the only lady than the first lady" who sometimes looks at Havel like a forgiving mother at a naive son. Alexander Dubcek is Havel’s political opponent. The main character first oppose Dubcek during the Velvet revolution, but his posture is formed under the pressure of strong women, who push him to finally stand up and make his decision. 

I give the film 60%. I wouldn't need to see it second time. 

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