A beautiful fairy tale with a nice cast - O Vanocni Hvezde (Christmas Star)

Young teacher Vaclav is living in a picturesque mountain village. He is secretly in love with a beautiful princess. One day, star Denicka unexpectedly appears next to him. Denicka is fiancée of radiant Sirius and she was thrown from the sky by jealous star Proxima. Will she become Vaclav’s lucky star and help him win the princess's heart? Will she return to the sky before she goes out?

Czech Television releases new fairy tale every Christmas. This year it was no different. It is always a challenge to suit the taste of Czech audience. Czech audience doesn't like novelties and experiments.

I definitely appreciate that the fairy tale looks purely Czech and you can't feel the effort to create something atypical for Czech. Nevertheless, at first glance I didn't really like the fairy tale and only for the second time did I find love in it.

Costumes in general are very nice. The historical accuracy of costumes is combined with a sparkle of modern patterns and materials. I read some comments that Ondrej Sokol looks like Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter, but as the director explained, how else can you imagine the star Sirius than with long blonde hair? Tereza Ramba and Vojtech Kotek seem funny and nice, and together with Ana Geislerova they run away from the other actors by leaps and bounds. The chemistry among the actors works quite well, except for the Princess (Leonie Brill). I understand that it is a German co-production, but in my opinion, the actress, although she does what she can, does not fit in the role at all. Nevertheless, I praise the effort and the storyline.

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