Princess Lost in Time / Princezna zakleta v case - the best modern fairy tale!!!

Princess Ellena has been cursed by a witch Murien. The curse is to be fulfilled on Ellena's twentieth birthday, as soon as the sun goes down. As the last ray of sunlight fades and everything seems lost, the princess discovers that she is lost in time. Each time the curse comes true, Ellena wakes up to her twentieth birthday and is forced to relive it again. In order to save her kingdom and herself, she must find courage and a pure heart and face the ancient curse once and for all.

The movie won the Trilobit 2021 award in the category "Children's Jury Award - Beroun Bear". At the Los Angeles Movie Awards in 2021, the movie won following awards: The best movie, director, costumes, scenography, editing and music.

Love that is stronger than fear can break even the greatest curse. Absolutely perfect fantasy fairy tale that made sense. It may be more a fantasy than a fairy tale, but it is so great. The movie must have been a challenge for the director Petr Kubik, but he managed it brilliantly. Only few people know that at the time of filming, three representatives were pregnant - the princess, Murien and a countrywoman Jana. The director didn't have it easy at all.

The movie has an original atmosphere and the performances are just great. The story develops until the last moment and creates an interesting storyline. After a long time, this is a work where I do not get bored or embarrassed. I was honestly surprised at how little I was bothered by modern dialogues set in historical times. The visual effects are also phenomenal. No wonder that they are so great when 9 people from the Ostrava QQ Studio worked on almost 20 minutes of trick shots for almost half a year. It is a pity that this movie didn't make what it deserved in movie theatres. The premiere came at the first Lockdown and unfortunately a month of open cinemas was not enough to cover the costs of this fairy tale. The movie budget was one million dollars which is nothing compared to such giants as the world-famous movie studios, but for a small country like Czech Republic it is a great success.

In my opinion, Princess Lost in Time is a great fantasy fairy tale that everyone must see. And the best part is that the movie has an English audio.

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