How Not to Screw Up Your Life / Jak si nepodelat zivot

Tereza Kopacova, Vit Karas, and Jan Hrebejk directed a successful mini series with a beautiful cast.

A primary school teacher is not happy with her weight. A bank clerk suddenly has a strange eczema around her eyes. An aging owner of non-stop delicacies in unhappy in his marriage. A lonely man is living in the woods and in strangers' cottages. Can they survive, hide and not solve their problems? Or they might fight their problems and fix their lifes for the better at the cost of scars and wounds. The author of the cycle, Tereza Kopacova, presents four stories with which viewers can easily identify.

The Czech Television and its program schedule on Sunday evenings continue to surprise me. In addition to millions of criminal series (e.g. series Detectives from the Holy Trinity), someone finally came up with a slightly different theme. And I enjoyed that tragicomic theme so much. Each episode presents a different message. Each was able to entertain, disgust and think about oneself. It can simply be said that this successful cycle of short stories is dominated by the final, thriller-cut drama with Ondrej Vetchy, but the rest is also very successful.

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