Once again, a successful miniseries - Actor / Herec

A dramatic story of a promising young actor set in the early 1950s. Many young people at that time had to choose just like him: to stand up or to adapt to the totalitarian regime, or even to take an active part in it.

The choice of the main character of the miniseries Actor is even more complicated. The main protagonist Standa Lanik hides a big secret. A traumatic handicap for anyone at that time, but a surprising career path for him. The miniseries is a study of human character and acting in extreme situations where the question of the hero's morality and behaviour is far from clear.

Undoubtedly a very solid contemporary drama, which rightly portrays the communists as dishonest bastards. In addition, Jan Cina played his role of the Actor perfectly. The first two episodes are shocking. I could not believe what the communists dared to do. It is worth to wait for the end, because the third episode brings perfect film tension, as well as it shocks the viewers with a conclusion, which made me perfectly stunned.

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