Jiri Havelka's film Emergency Situation / Mimoradna udalost

A motor train rides through the picturesque Czech countryside. Inside, people are sitting, chirping, or, on the contrary, are silent, peeking out of the windows or sleeping. The train suddenly breaks down and driver Milos has to get off the train to fix it. However, the train, standing on a slight incline, starts to move back to the previous station of its own accord. The frightened Milos has no choice but to trot after it. The passengers appreciate that the train is moving again, but they soon realize that they are going in the wrong direction. 

They protest loudly and demand information. The driver's cabin is hermetically sealed, and no one answers from behind the door. The first attacks of panic are spreading among the passengers. Is it a kidnapping, revenge or a complete system failure? Contact via mobile phones fails and even the desperate shouting from the windows does not help. With the help of brutal means and hunter's rifle, the passengers finally open the doors of both driver's cabins, but they only get confirmation of their worst expectations - that no one is driving the engine... 

Emergency Situation is a very pleasant surprise, which may even be a bit more digestible for Czech viewers than The Owners. It is more straightforward and offers more "funny" situations. The humour does not lose its cadence, the musical accompaniment is downright bizarre in places, and you will also enjoy the train drama as much as you can. By the Czech standards of recent years, I find it a pretty decent comedy. 8/10 

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