Czech movies are undoubtedly the best, but do you know anything about Hungarian movies?

The fact that Czech/Czechoslovak movies are one of the best movies is without debate. At least for us, lovers of Czech cinematography. Since we like to broaden our horizons and now we do not mean the world-famous movies from famous studios such as Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, 21st Century Fox, or Walt Disney, we have decided to explore Hungarian cinema.

Hungarian movies are not easily available, so we are glad that we can offer you some of (in our opinion) the best movies.

For us, the best and at the same time the most famous fairy tale is Fehérlofia (attention - without EN subtitles). The world-renowned director and classic of Hungarian animation, Marcell Jankovics, presented a fascinating feature movie Son of the White Mare in the early 1980s. The fairy-tale fantasy story is based on old legends of nomadic tribes. A mare gives birth to a human boy with supernatural abilities. Her son's task is to set off on a dangerous journey full of traps and enemies to save three princesses. He will fight giants, monsters and prehistoric creatures.

Hungarian cinema, of course, has another set of beautiful cartoon fairy tales. From my point of view, the most popular fairy tale is VUK. Vuk is a naughty little fox. His faithful friend Karak helps him in trouble. Together they have to face a great danger in the form of an evil hunter. They also have to save their girlfriend fox and experience many hilarious adventures and events.

Kincsem is without a doubt a movie worth watching. Ernõ Blaskovich lost everything after the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. A magnificent horse Kincsem gives a purpose of his meaningless, self-destructing life. He gets a chance to gain everything back: revenge, love and fame. We must also note that this is the most expensive Hungarian movie.

Another great Hungarian movie is made by a great director Fábri Zoltán. He has made a number of very successful movies in collaboration with movie stars.

Other great movies include: A pal utcai fiuk, Ludas Matyi, Liza a Rókatundér, Dargay Attila cartoons, Az otodik pecset, Megall az ido, Egri Csillagok.

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