Dear Czechmovie friends,

With this newsletter we would like to thank you. We know that thank you letters are usually sent before the end of the year. Nevertheless, we are so glad that you are placing orders with us at this time that we had to write to you. We are very happy with every sold Czech film, because it means interest in the Czech cinematography, which undoubtedly has something to show the world.

Over the past year, you have also made us happy with the increasing interest in other Czech products such as Czech toys, snacks, books and CDs. The biggest surprise for us was the enormous interest in garlic chips - yes, they are great, but we really didn't expect to sell so many.

We often do discount promotions on orders for you - returning customers, but we have decided to add something extra from time to time.

Once a customer asked, if we could get him a board game Clovece, nezlob se (in English known as Ludo) in a pocket edition. We thought what if we send it to everyone, if it fits within the order's weight limit? And that's what happened!

Now we've received a request from another customer for cards with a Czech theme. And since we haven't sent anything extra for a long time, we will send CANASTA PRAGUE cards to everyone who will have an order over 60 dollars.

We are also grateful for every idea you come up with, and perhaps even your idea can cause us to send something to others for joy.

Wishing you a nice day

Martin Valek

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