Bozena - a damn successful Czech television series!

Even though Bozena is only available in the Czech language with Czech subtitles, I still recommend this miniseries to everyone and I give it 10/10.

Being the first one is always hard. Especially if you are a woman in the middle of the 19th century.
A true story of the first Czech female writer in four movies. Bozena Nemcova was born in 1820 as Barbora Panklova. As a seventeen-year-old, she is a rebellious, eager and free-spirited girl. She would rather read than bake. In addition, she attracts the interest of men. Her parents can no longer handle her, so they are looking for a groom who would marry her even without a dowry. The best match is a retired official Josef Nemec, who is 15 years older than Barbora. The young unrestrained girl charmed him. Josef doesn't even listen to his friend's warning. Barbora resists the marriage, but she has no chance against her parents' will. Two unlike temperaments start living together.

Bozena Nemcova Panklova is a most famous Czech writer whose fairy tales, short stories and other works are known not only to people in the Czech Republic, but all around the world. Much is known about her life, but the aspect of her life which was shown in the miniseries, is not fully learned in schools. Of course, the mention of her free lifestyle in the first half of the 19th century was mentioned, but when one sees it perfectly depicted on screen, it is quite shocking. Bozena Nemcova - a famous writer, who is even on the Czech money (the 500 Crown Czech banknote).

I enjoyed every scene in this miniseries. I liked the imaginative music from the welcoming melody to the capture of drama or melancholy. The music was absolutely magnificent. I also enjoyed the cast and seeing the revivalists of the Czech language. How strange it was to recall that besides Borovsky and Erben, there was also a writer Nebesky. The costumes looked a little bit like they were from the English aristocracy, but still in the movie is full of typically Czech rebellion.

As for the main heroines, I can't say whether Bozena was played better by Ana Geislerova or Anna Kamenikova. A fantastic performance of both actresses does not leave me cold even a few months after watching the movie. I would never be able to imagine actor Jan Hajek, who played Mr. Josef Nemec, in such a perfectly played role. I was afraid of Jan Hajek's performance after the first episodes, that I would not want to meet him on the street at night. Surprisingly, I changed my mind about him in the last episode and even felt sorry for him.

I hope that Czech cinematography will follow this style.  If I saw such movies more often, I would easily forgive Czech cinematography for a billion poor comedies.
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