Comedy – Romance – Drama. That’s the new movie Babovky

The movie Babovky (in English also known as Sweethearts) will show us that some encounters can change lives forever. We are all connected. Relationships, work, coincidences, hatred and love. We are all part of the most complex network. A network woven from emotions that include humor, irony, pain, tension and, of course, love and passion. The movie maps current partner and family relationships. It also shows fun and apt situations from everyday life that each of us knows.

I consider director Rudolf Havlik a good director, even though he mainly works on mainstream movies. I expected an average Czech movie that can be enjoyed and will not inspire nor disappoint at the same time. Like the vast majority of movie adaptations, Babovky does not reach the qualities of a literary masterpiece, despite the fact that the author Radka Trestikova co-wrote the screenplay. I understand that a lot of people won't read the book - since it's only in the Czech language - the movie already contains English subtitles, so if you haven't read the book - you don't have to be completely disappointed.

The movie certainly brings to the fore the cast and performances of individual actors, which are above standard. Finally, famous Czech actors appeared in this relationship drama. And don’t be afraid of embarrassing jokes, unbearable male characters and over-sweetness.

I would rate this new Czech surprise 7/10.


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