Lovely Comedy Movie - My Little Sweet Village/Vesnicko ma strediskova

Story about a feeble-minded villager living in a town. Otik is a bachelor who lives in a Czech village. There are people who help him. Otik sells his house and moves to the town. However, he is all alone, without any help of his friends. Life brings him only problems and complications. Fortunately, his friends from the village come to help him.

What to add to this movie? I don't think big words are needed. Anyone who has seen this movie will surely agree that it is a top spectacle with excellent actors and a lot of good humor. Everyone who has not seen it should not hesitate.

For me, My Little Sweet Village is the most pleasant comedy that has ever appeared in our country and at the same time one of the best Czech movies ever. I'm not surprised that the dialogues and phrases from this movie have become completely popular in the Czech Republic, and I think that every Czech has ever used a typical phrase from this movie. Director Jiri Menzel did a great job just like screenwriter Zdenek Sverak. The story is absolutely perfect, the viewer has no opportunity to be bored. And the cast? Amazing!

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