Top 4 Family-Friendly Movies To Watch Together This Autumn

Autumn and Christmas are the most beautiful times of the year. At least for me. During this season, I'm always in the mood to curl up with a cozy blanket, snuggle up to my children and enjoy a nice family movie. And what movies do you love (and buy) the most? It's definitely I Enjoy the World with You/S Tebou Me Bavi Svet, Three Wishes for Cinderella/Tri Orisky pro Popelku, and My Little Sweet Village/Vesnicko Ma Strediskova. What other Czech family movies are the best according to your purchases?

The Elementary School / Obecna Skola

In my personal opinion, The Elementary School is the best movie made by family duo Zdenek Sverak and his son Jan Sverak.  I appreciate a wonderful cast, unique atmosphere, spirit and wit.  Simply put, it is a beautiful nostalgia. The Elementary School has something from boyish mischief, childish naivety and an adult worldview. It is a magically naive movie, yet not lacking perspective and a third dimension. Probably the most beautiful portrait of childhood and adult "heroes" I've ever seen.


How to Pull Out a Whale's Tooth/Jak Vytrhnout Velrybe Stolicku and How to Get Dad Into Reform School/Jak Dostat Tatinka Do Polepsovny

I truly miss English subtitles in these two Czech movies. Even though these movies are only available in Czech audio with Czech subtitles, they are still very popular in our e-shop. The director Marie Polednakova has created an excellent atmosphere and unique comedies, which I personally watch over and over again.


Boys Will Be Boys/Pani Kluci

There are certain movies I remember from my childhood, that were able to create an amazing mood and bring interesting adventures. But when I recall these movies in my adulthood, I only find bitter experience that all of it no more works. The movie Boys Will Be Boys is a rare exception, which works perfectly in every stage of man’s life. You will once again become a young boy, adventuring and exploring endless possibilities of your life, though sometimes hindered by strict adults around you. Each time I hear the opening melody and listen to the opening lyrics “Nestuj a pojd (Don’t stay and come)” I return to a carefree realm of my childhood memories. 

Long Live Ghosts!/At Ziji Duchove!

It is well known fact, that everything Zdenek Sverak ever worked on was an enormous success. His movies are amazing, funny, popular and rightfully belong among the best movies the Czech cinematography can offer. Long Live Ghosts! was directed by Oldrich Lipsky and based on a screenplay and song lyrics written by Zdenek Sverak. These two men together with great Czech actors created this legendary musical for children. 

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