Brilliant and multi-awarded film coming on DVD

Spring of Life is an film awarded in the Czech republic (Special Jury Price Plzeň 2000, The Big Award Zlín 2000) as well as abroad (AFI FEST Los Angeles, Berlinale - Panorama 2000). Amazingly shooted film based on true story takes you back to the WWII. I had had no information about the “Lebensborn” program before this film whatsoever.

Spring of Life / Der Lebensborn DVD French, English subtitles

While watching it, I was thinking if this is even possible.

I found it so bizarre and weird. This project really existed and it was one of the fanatic Nazi ideologies that was supposed to create perfectly pure German race that would establish “New order” and “New undestroyable empire”. The storyline is very interesting. Monika Hilmerová had been an unknown actress for me, what her performance was mesmerizing. I definitely recommend this film.

Pramen zivota English subtitles DVD


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