PURE DEVILRY ♥ Beautiful Czech Fairy-tale family movie on DVD !

Pure Delvilry...Czech land as it was painted...

Troška succeeded in showing the beauties of our picturesque countryside and he made us believe the story is true. Everything looks like it’s happening in the old times.

The demons are protagonists and it isn’t unique for this kind of film in czech filmography. It’s important to say that demons don’t represent pure evil but they have some good and often funny qualities.

Nevertheless, I’m not the biggest fan of quibbling imps but thanks to Prachař and Benedikt I was amused the whole time. Apart from that the inferno looked impressive. The main female protagonist Hana is a very nice woman and pleasant to look at. Troška did great job working on the interactions and dialogues. The plot is unpredictable, full of intrigues and turns. Thanks to all of this it got my attention for solid 101 minutes.

To sum up, it’s a very nice and funny family film that can cheer you up 

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