Best documentary movie - Caught in the Net

3 actresses, 3 rooms, 10 days and 2458 potential sexual predators. A radical experiment opens up a taboo subject of child abuse on the Internet. Three adult actresses with children's appearance go to social networks to experience online life of a twelve-year-old girl. In copies of adolescent's rooms, they chat and skype with men who have actively addressed them. The vast majority of these men demand sex via webcam, send photos of their genitalia and links to porn. These girls are even exposed to blackmail. The documentary film by Barbora Chalupova and Vit Klusak tells a drama of three heroines, aka "twelve-year-old girls", for whom participation in the experiment, from casting to personal meetings with predators under the supervision of security, becomes a crucial life experience. Predatory tactics are gradually turning against their masters: Predators become prey.



One of the best Czech documentaries is finally on DVD. In my opinion, this is one of the films that deserves high cinema attendance - despite coronavirus. The film-documentary is well shot. It literally shocks the viewer. Everyone has some idea of what is waiting for children on the Internet, but if you really see it with your own eyes, then you will understand. I was personally one of the first to see this film in the cinema and I absolutely do not regret it.  It has a solid pace, atmosphere and ideas. The central trio of actresses deserves a big appreciation, because they kept their authenticity and cool head in the most crazy situations. The only documentary lately that I wouldn't be afraid to give 10/10.



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