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After many harvests ... Honza (Krystof Hadek) and Klara (Tereza Ramba, previously Voriskova) became parent of twins and owners of the winery. However, their everyday worries have alienated them and they are currently separated. This is the story of a renaissance of their love in the beautiful landscape of South Moravia. The decisive time of the wine year, the vintage, is coming. Under dramatic circumstances, Honza meets his friend Jirka (Lukas Langmajer) after years. He enthusiastically rushes to visit Moravia to help with the harvest, which of course he does not understand at all. At the same time, Jirka keeps a secret from Honza that he has kidnapped his adolescent son, Kuba, who is traveling with him, and he also runs away from some debts. Honza and Klara have problems over their heads. In addition to marriage problems, they solve how to help the winery and prevent theft in vineyards. Klara struggles with their employee and the prejudice, that as a woman she can make quality wine and exceed the shadow of her father (Vaclav Postranecky) ...

It is difficult for me to evaluate 3Bobule, because I have a very positive attitude towards the film and practically the entire South Moravian region. Whenever I see Pavlov, Palava or Mikulov, I am a happy person. 3Bobule are definitely different from the first two movies… From such a crazy comedy movies became more conscious comedy. The beginning is very mature. There is a minimum of humor and a collision with reality, which is displayed with all seriousness. The whole 3Bobule movie is accompanied by such a taste of existential problems, family problems and efforts to save what is possible. I really missed Mr. Postranecky here (who died 7. May 2019) and paradoxically the most at the moments when he enters the story as a narrator… The ending is nice and very human. Overall, the film was a great experience for me, even though I had different expectations.

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