Chlap na stridacku Very interesting comedy!

Happily married for fifteen years, one day Zuzana finds out that her husband Jiri is having an affair with another woman for a long time. Zuzana does not hesitate and decides to visit her rival Lenka and makes her a bit unconventional proposal. Her plan is scandalous. She suggests that she can share Jirka with Lenka. Lenka finally agrees and both women introduce this new way of life to Jirka. Actually, they present him with a fait accompli. One week with his wife, the other with his mistress. What seems like a perfect plan to everyone at first, may end up as a nightmare for everyone.



After a long time, a film with an interesting theme and an absolutely great cast. Ivana Chylkova, Jiri Langmajer, Lucie Zackova, Iva Janzurova and Pavel Novy. Absolutely perfect acting combination. The film is a copy of the film called Garde alternée (France 2017), but for me it is far better than the French original. Both the camera and the music is great. If I were looking for a relaxing evening, I would definitely reach for this film again.




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