A plumber from Tuchlovice

Comedy by Tomas Vorel Sr. gained quite an achievement.

Without a doubt, cast the movie took care of it. The main character, portrayed by Jakub Kohak, brought the company much-needed comedic drama and, together with Eva Holubova, Filip Blazek, Jan Budar and Petr Ctvrtnicek has managed to hold up the movie atmosphere until the end.

A plumber from Tuchlovice is a comedy, which in my opinion has elements of drama.

The story is about a plumber, who is called Good man from the bones. He is not afraid of any work, he manages all the work he gets. Wittily responds to every situation that befalls him. The drama lies in his life story, lets it float through his fingers. He does not have the courage to ask for adequate finances and his whole life is governed by his mom who cooks for him, washes his laundry and even handles his phone calls.


The plumber can repair everything himself, but he is unable to find a partner and get his life back together. Anyway, this movie is really good compared to others. See more

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