The Oddsockeaters

Oddsockeaters are tiny creatures who live with us human beings.

They are responsible that in each pair of socks will always remain only one. I don't know about you, but this issue is with us on a daily basis and I am still looking for socks to pair. Sometimes I have the feeling that the washing machine just eats them. Thanks to this animated fairy tale we know that we do not lose our socks at random, but they are eaten by small and cute Oddsockeaters.

What's the movie Oddsockeaters about?

The fate of the main protagonists of the Oddsockeaters and their greatest opponent, the mad Professor and combines the story of the main character, a small Oddsockeater HIHLÍK. The film is full of funny and sad passages that constantly keep the viewers on their toes. An adventure that takes place must seem incredibly engaging for the children.

The animation turned out successful, and I loved it. Oddsockeaters characters are very cute and the representation of the city of Prague was beautiful. Oddsockeaters strays from the rut tracks of the Czech animated film only sporadically, but on whole it is also due to dubbing more than viewable.

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