Ostravak Ostravski

Among the news for March is also film Ostravak Ostravski.

The film divides audiences into two groups. The first loves it completely and the other it completely hates. I am in the first group as I live in Ostrava city. Ostrava is a part of the Czech Republic, and is living in its own speed with its unique humor and dialect.

Ostravak Ostravski was filmed on themes of the book Diary of Ostravak.

The film has a simple linear story that has no diversion. Everything is clear from the beginning to the end. As for the buzz and speach, in the Ostrava region, the talk is a lot sharper and they have peppery expressions. In the film, a lot of the words were examined and it was done so that even the other Czech and foreign viewers understand. The film is accompanied by the Kryštof group’s song, their legendary Ostravska Balada. For me it is definitely worth watching. See more

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