A classic TV series Secrets of a Wicker Basket / Tajemstvi Prouteneho Kosiku (1977) for all lovers of Czech series and Czech language

Writer Marketa Zinnerova has already written a respectable number of successful children's books. She began working with television as the author of fairy tales that are still adorned on the television screen - such as Magic Rings / Carovne Prstynky, About Happiness and Beauty / O Stesti a Krase, and others. Then she decided to try the most difficult TV genre - a series. And she was successful on the first try. She put all her professional experience into it, and especially her beautiful affection to children.

The series tells what bothers children, what makes them happy. It is also about their natural desire for harmonious family relationships, about friendship, and also about adults, who mainly care whether their children are well in the world.

Secrets of a Wicker Basket is an above-average children's series about how adults (mistakenly) feel that their children's problems are not real problems and that children do not have a chance to understand their parents' world. And thus, the parents don't explain anything to the children in order to protect them and rather say that it is complicated and "one day you will understand”. But at the same time, they forget that the children are involved in their world. They are influenced by their parents' behavior and decisions. And especially these parents mainly forget that they are responsible for their children. And with their irresponsibility and selfishness, their children must face very difficult situations and make difficult decisions.

Marketa Zinnerova managed to turn these children's difficulties into a story with such ease that Secrets of a Wicker Basket / Tajemstvi Prouteneho Kosiku is actually a gentle show for the whole family.

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