The Swap / Kukacky - a series successful for its humanity
The series tells a story of two married couples who discover that their sons are not theirs. As soon as they find out about the swap, they must decide what to do. The swap of children in a small town affects not only the families directly affected, but also other residents. As the swap took place in the local hospital, the fateful event will affect the lives of many others. To understand connections and relationships between people in the town, the story has also many flashbacks. People carry their secrets and unfulfilled desires, which come to the surface at critical moments.
The series is this year's big surprise. I must say that I did not expect this. This is a very serious topic; in fact, it is a horror plot that can become hell on earth. The story is strongly inspired by a real event about which everyone in the Czech Republic has heard from the news several years ago. I was waiting to see what would come out of it and what direction this story would take.  I am completely satisfied... and more than that. I am devastated and my heart is broken. I can feel the sorrow and pain of the parents and the confusion in the minds of the two boys. I will be thinking about this drama for a long time. I highly praise Sabina Remundova and David Novotny. They were so civil and believable that they could easily have been our neighbours or someone I meet on the street every day. The whole acting ensemble would deserve some acting award :)
Recently, I also get the impression that anything directed by Biser A. Arichtev is pleasant to watch. He is a guarantee of quality. The series Kukacky, Prvni Republika, Vypravej and his other creations have undoubtedly found the hearts of viewers.
As for the evaluation of this series, I'm going for full 10/10. I exaggerate slightly, but I do so with joy that all participants managed to shoot a quality family series, full of strong acting performances, interesting faces. And I forgive any weaker moment for this reason. I really liked it as a whole. This is a series in which I completely forgot about the pain of today's world. I am looking forward to the next season.
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