What Men Want 2. / Po cem muzi touzi 2. - Sequel

In the first film, the main character Karel Kral found himself in a woman's body. In the sequel we meet Irena Kopacova (Anna Polivkova), a psychologist and specialist in partner relationships. And it must be said that she is not having the best time of her life. Her recommendations to her clients are somewhat ineffective. Irena gets a lease on the house where she has her office, and she catches her boyfriend in the act of infidelity. The best cure for life's troubles is to go out for wine with her friend Marcela (Tereza Kostkova). Drunk Irena goes to a tent of the witch Zoltana (Zuzana Kronerova), where she makes her fateful wish: I want to be a man! In the morning, Irena wakes up and finds herself in a similar situation as Karel Kral. She is in a body she hates, but after the initial shock wears off, she has a chance to find out what men are really like. 

Irena/Iren (Jiri Langmajer) must take care of her/himself and there is no one who will initially believe that it is still her. Eventually she gets a helping hand from her neighbour Radim (Marek Taclik), who has always been in love with Irena. He trusts her and hopes that somewhere inside the older man is his beloved and he just must, like a true prince, rescue her. Turning a woman into a man is not an easy task, and so Radim has real difficulties in his training.

The craziest of Jiri Langmajer, but even that wasn't enough to make the film equal to the first one. The film may be titled 2, but it has little in common with the first film. Perhaps only perfect actors like Jiri Langmajer and Anna Polivkova. Maybe it's because screenwriter Radka Trestikova resigned and was replaced by Filip Oberfalcer, who didn't have the sexist jokes completely thought out. Maybe it's because people expected a follow-up to the very successful previous film. Yes, there are very funny moments and passages in the film, and the performance of Marek Taclik and Tereza Kostkova is great. Still, I rate the film as a humorous classic for 3-4 viewings. 6/10

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