The Wasteland

After its release, Wasteland has become one of the best and sophisticated crime dramas in the Czech Republic.

Wasteland is a village on the Czech-Polish border, which is close to a lignite quarry and there is a danger that it will disappear. Therefore, the mayor convenes a meeting about whether to have a referendum on the dissolution of the village. The greater part of the population votes to leave the village in exchange for an amount of money for their new start, but the enlightened minority would like to stay and ensure that the village exists. And so the enlightened mayor’s daughter disappears...

The film shows the harsh reality of the torn out landscape, so you can almost breathe the atmosphere of the wasteland.

Everything from the script is believable. The characters are behaving normally and it drags you into the gloomy plot. Each character acts in a distinctive depressing way, and from the fourth episode, the plot extremely intensifies. The series, which was filmed with HBO co-production,  won a Czech Lion Award (best dramatic TV series) and the Czech Film Critics Award 2016 for actors: Alice Nellis, Ivan Zacharias, Stepan Hulík (outside the cinema). I highly recommend it, because it's a completely different production than the one to which we are used from the Czech Republic.

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