Angel of the Lord 2

Everyone in the Czech Republic heard about the phenomenon of Angel of the Lord 2.

The Director of this piece is again Jiri Strach, which in 2005 he directed the first episode. It is said, that if the film has a sequel, it is not as good as the first film and the viewer is disappointed by the continuation. It really does not apply in the case of this work, which is proven more successful than the first one.

Some of my acquaintances were on this fairy tale a few times at the cinema and I am honestly very looking forward to April, when it is going to be on DVD. 

In my opinion, Czech fairy tale lately lose pizzazz.

I like the classics such as S certy nejsou zerty, Incredibly sad Princess, Three Wishes for Cinderella and similar. It is customary in the Czech Republic to project in time of Christmas eve new fairy tales. For me, most of them have been a huge disappointment for me.

The more I understand why the Angel of the Lord 2 became the most successful Czech film for the year 2016. 

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 Jiri Strach again bet on two well known actors Trojan and Dvorak, who thanks to a sophisticated story give the tale proper spell. Jiří Strach promised to the viewers, that if the audience exceeds million viewers, he will consider the third episode. The audience waited for the second episode long 12 years.

Do you think we will see the third before 2028? I hope so. 

What is this story about?

Fairy tale tells the story of the search for the magic apples of knowledge. Petronel has been with celestial gates and is again not satisfied with their work. Devil Urias urges Petronel to taste the apples of knowledge. He says that if he knows everything, as the Lord, Petronel will be promoted.

However, those two confuse things and they drop one Apple from Heaven on the Earth. What happens next when they are looking for the Apple? I will not reveal. April will be here in a little while. In any case, the sequel is full of love, adventure, a lesson. Everything what should be in a proper and honest story. 

PS: As the Director of the Angel of the Lord 2 puts emphasis on details, they used 750 kilos of apples, it was directly about the apples of knowledge, thus the variety Pink Lady.

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